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Thank you for your interest in Antdawgs MMA Training Center, the area’s premiere mixed martial arts school, bringing Gilroy MMA training since 2009! Our new facility is located a 6901 Monterey Rd in Gilroy.

ANTDAWG’S MMA Training Center offers classes for men, women, and children of all ages and levels from beginner to advanced. If you looking to get into shape, loose weight, stay fit, learn self-defense, feel great, or you’d like to take it to the next level and train for competition, Antdawgs MMA has something for you. Antdawg was the first to bring MMA training to Gilroy, and will
be the last stop in your search for the “right place”.



We are a martial arts school. Discipline, respect, honor, integrity, and strength are values that we practice on a daily basis. Training is geared towards knowledge, technique, conditioning, and defensive skills. Students develop confidence, coordination, and self-defense abilities. Instruction focuses on learning proper punching, kicking, takedown, and ground techniques, and most importantly, developing and instilling all the values of a champion and martial artist that will stick with them through rest of their lives!!

At Antdawgs MMA Training Center, your children will:

  • Have their unique strengths emphasized
  • Achieve healthy mind-body awareness
  • Be part of a team and have the support of new friends
  • Be more confident
  • Have increased attention span and discipline
  • Have a great time!

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